Bowman's Capsule

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Bowman's capsule

[¦bō·mənz ′kap·səl]
A two-layered membranous sac surrounding the glomerulus and constituting the closed end of a nephron in the kidneys of all higher vertebrates.

Bowman’s Capsule


(named after the 19th-century English physician W. Bowman), a cuplike cul-de-sac of the uriniferous tubule of the kidneys of vertebrate animals and humans. Bowman’s capsule surrounds the glomerulus and together they form the malpighian body. The wall of Bowman’s capsule consists of an inner and outer layer, between which is a gap—the cavity of Bowman’s capsule—lined with a flat epithelium. The inner layer adheres to the glomerulus, and the outer layer becomes the beginning of the uriniferous tubule. In Bowman’s capsule, so-called primary urine is formed.

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Recent evidence suggests that the epithelium of the Bowman capsule is a very important reservoir for the regeneration of glomerular and tubular epithelial cells.
Obviously, if there is no outflow from the Bowman capsule, glomerular capillary filtration will cease.
The lesion called the capsular drop is present between the basement membrane and parietal epithelial cells of the Bowman capsule and stains similar to the hyalinotic counterpart seen in the glomerular capillary tuft.