Box frame

Box frame

A rigid frame formed by load-bearing walls and floor slabs, most suitable for structures that are permanently divided into small repetitive units.

box frame

1. A structural frame composed of cells which are side by side and/or in vertical tiers; the cross-walls act as bearing walls, carrying the loads to the foundation; also called cellular framing or cross-wall construction.
2. A structural frame having floors and walls consisting of monolithic reinforced-concrete slabs.

cased frame, boxed frame, box frame

The wood frame of a double-hung window; has hollow jambs or mullions which contain the sash counterweights.
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Tenders are invited for Dog Box Frame In Guards Compartment Drg No J And Td Cw Per Sr Drg No Sk 1106/1
This completely customizable shadow box frame travels home from the wedding ceremony with the sand design in tact.
At the same time, company officials assured that the truck's box frame remains high-grade steel.
Use the flipside of a canvas frame as a box frame for a creative piece of 3D artwork.
A slim line screen track adapter is also available creating up to 5 tracks and the screen door has a lock system as well as a box frame design.
Kismet (pictured) is a one-light sconce housed in a jewel box frame made of cast iron that is suitable for lighting a corridor, bedroom dining room or bath-room.
Make a feature of keepsakes by grouping them in a box frame, and add pretty ornaments such as F&F Home Ceramic Owl tealight holders, pounds 6 for set of two, from selected Tesco stores.
Plaster hand-print picture You will need: A box frame Plaster of Paris Strong glue Instructions: Start by taking apart the frame, and removing the box shape from it.
She suggests using a glass-fronted box frame to showoff a special holiday shot and including a small souvenir from the place where the picture was taken.
She suggests using a glass-fronted box frame to show off a special holiday shot with a small souvenir from the place where the picture was taken.
Religion locks your mind into a box frame and you don't allow yourself to step out of that box for fear of going against what your God tells you and keeps you captive, trapped and in control believing one way and one way only.
Unlike its standard "forward-carriage" models, which are best suited to double-arm applications, Ranger now offers a full range Of "flat-front" robots that have no box frame in front of the main arm, thereby providing greater clearance for extracting tall parts and rotating parts through tiebars.