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Having performed the analysis of the main stresses of the Pareizgupis viaduct with regard to the effect of symmetrical and asymmetrical loads, it was found that under asymmetrical loads much higher tensile stresses (~30%) and compressive stresses (~13%) are formed at the sides of box girder than under symmetrical loads.
The shear stress (principal tensile stress) at this place can be reduced only through optimizing the longitudinal prestressed tendons in order to reduce the flexural shear flow of bottom slab by reducing the shear of box girder cross-section.
The sixth example is an 88-m, sharply curved (104 degrees), three-span, concrete box girder bridge in the northwestern United States with a design acceleration of 0.
The bridge has four continuous spans on single-column reinforced concrete piers, a steel box girder superstructure, and concrete deck.
The erection cycle consisted of first transporting the box girder segments to the rear of the cranes with segment haulers over completed portions of the bridge.
The quality of updated prediction was checked through the measurements of creep and shrinkage of specimens placed inside of the box of the box girder.
For example, in bridge superstructure construction management, even with unpredictable and complicated material demands, most box girder precast yards still use conventional procurement strategies to stock materials resulting in material backlogs, which not only complicates the environment inside the precast yard but also requires the reallocation of new space for material stacking.
The deck arch design is clearly an upgrade from the concrete box girder approach of the original bridge.
It is a pre-stressed post-tensioned balanced cantilever box girder bridge with a total length of 1116 feet.
That is the reason why from the parameter base of overhead travelling cranes with box girder [20] those with 5, 8, 12.
The new spans over the Little Miami River National and State Scenic River will be a concrete box girder structure anchored on concrete piers that will be anchored into the river valley, said Sharon Smigielski, spokeswoman for ODOT s District 8 office in Turtle-creek Twp.