Box girder

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box girder

[′bäks ‚gər·dər]
(civil engineering)
A hollow girder or beam with a square or rectangular cross section. Also known as box beam.

Box girder

A hollow beam with either a square, rectangular or circular cross section; sometimes vertical instead of horizontal, and attached firmly to the ground like a cantilever.

box beam, box girder

A hollow beam, usually rectangular in section; if fabricated of steel, the sides are steel plates welded together, or they may be riveted together by steel angles at the corners.
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Seliem [5] compared old Egptian code (ECP 201-2003) with the new ECP 201-2012 (based on traffic load on bridges of EN 1991-2) by taking concrete I shaped, box shaped and composite girder stated that box girder yield almost same in both the codes despite the increase in vehicular live loads of ECP 201-2012.
It requires a specific skill set and special equipment to build box girders in-house, he adds, noting that beyond the fabrication line, Innovated Industrial has invested in a new automated welding process and uses AWS D14.
The deck is a hybrid, with a concrete deck and below, steel box girders," Dragan said.
In 2006 at BTU and in 2007 at CUT the experimental investigations of a steel knee joint and box girder respectively strengthened with use of adhesives were carried out.
The case of box girders is relatively simple, with plate geometries and non-complex propagation paths, a greater level of complexity occurs in steel-reinforced concrete bridge structures.
Because the sides of the box girders are sloped, the girder top width would increase as the girder became deeper and the overhang would grow progressively narrower.
The single plane of stay cables is permitted by incorporation of precast delta frames that allow the otherwise independent box girders to be supported in one central location.
AE sensors adopted were VS30-V flat response type (23-80 kHz bandwidth, 140 pF capacitance), a total of ten sensors were used and positioned on the lateral side of different segments of box girders as shown in Fig.
The work will include replacing worn-out surfaces, viaduct deck repairs, strengthening steel box girders and renewal of safety fencing.
Using concrete segmental box girders allows for slender pier shapes and the smallest groundline footprint.