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box elder

box elder

30-60 ft (10-20m) tree with smooth green twigs and leaves that resemble poison ivy, but leaves are opposite each other, not alternating. Has maple-tree-type winged seed keys but thinner and longer than maple. Keys can be eaten. Sap boiled down for sugar. Very popular source of sugar. The inner bark can be eaten raw, boiled, roasted or dried and pounded into a powder with fiber sifted out. Tea made from inner bark can induce vomiting. Young leaves are edible and somewhat sweet, but have little nutrition.
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The importance of box-elder and ash was due to the rapid growth of many small stems.
In the less disturbed southern part of the valley, sugar maple was clearly the dominant tree, with black walnut, box-elder, white ash, slippery elm, and red oak of secondary importance (Table 6).