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Myriam Herrera, development director, Latino outreach, for the Boy Scouts CAC (and herself an urban, Hispanic mom) believed mobile could bridge the gap from the Boy Scouts to urban families so she sought out Heartland Mobile to bring its mobile expertise to the Boy Scouts CAC.
Stemberger's organization is a nationwide coalition of parents, Scout leaders, Scouting donors, Eagle Scouts and other members of the Boy Scouts who oppose "open homosexuality in the Scouts.
Among those aged 25 and older, 22% of men who have been Boy Scouts report graduating from college, compared with 16% of non-Scouts.
Los Boy Scouts tienen una apariencia e influencia militar y tratamos de ensenar valores v habilidades que les puede servir en el futuro", menciono Johnson, quien ha trabajado para los Boy Scouts of America por 23 anos.
Siegel, Chairman of Global Brokerage, was honored with the "Good Scout" Award in 2001, and currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Greater New York Councils of the Boy Scouts of America.
In a March 9 unanimous ruling, the court concluded that Berkeley did not violate the constitutional rights of the Sea Scouts, an affiliate of the Boy Scouts, when it denied the organization free berths in the city's marina.
The Boy Scouts of America is flattered to be mentioned when the writer of the article about The IndUS Entrepreneurs ("The Secrets of Success," October) quotes someone as saying, "It's the Boy Scouts applied to business.
Thanks to its discriminatory policies, including banning openly gay members, the Boy Scouts can't get direct financial support from the military.
The Girl Scouts of the USA and the Boy Scouts of America have probably been the most successful in this regard.
On My Honor: Boy Scouts and the Making of American Youth.
This program, a first of its kind in the Boy Scouts of America's 100-year history, is specifically directed at men in long-term care settings.