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Italian pointer:

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, also called Italian pointer, breed of large, all-purpose hunting dog developed in the Piedmont district of NW Italy over three centuries ago. It stands from 20 to 26 in. (50.8–66.0 cm) high at the shoulder and weighs about 56 lb (25 kg).
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The Bracco Italiano emerged from her crate and was now the center of attention.
Created in the shape of a Bracco Italiano gun dog, the pair set out to demonstrate the strength and versatility of paper through intelligent design.
The newly crowned Eukanuba World Challenge Champion 2009 is a Bracco Italiano, Multi BIS & Multi Ch Axel del Monte Alago, owned by Salvatore Tripoli & Bitte Ahrens.
At last year's event, their Bracco Italiano Rosa, then three years old, won the Best Import Register title and her then six month old son Brac, bred by Hazel and John, took the Best Import Register Puppy crown.
Over the past two years the three-year-old Bracco Italiano has not been satisfied playing with his own toys.
Among the competitors will be a Bracco Italiano, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriever and an Hungarian Kuvasz.
Italy - M Tripoli & Mrs Ahrens' Bracco Italiano Ch Axel del Monte Alago
Koon's first pointing dog was a Bracco Italiano, and if you've never heard of them before, well .
Italy's CH AXEL DEL MONTE ALAGO, a Bracco Italiano known as "Axel" owned by Bitte Ahrens & Salvo Tripoli, was awarded a hefty purse of $10,000 along with the title of "World Challenge Champion.