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She cites, as example, the giraffe, which has the same long neck and also feeds on treetops like the brachiosaurus.
A pupil of which school, demolished only 10 years after being built, described the scene as "watching an angry Brachiosaurus eating up our old building"?
Discussion: MG 4800 was originally assigned to Brachiosaurus atalaiensis (Lapparent and Zbyszewski, 1957, pl.
A HUGE giganotosaurus, a dilophosaurus and a brachiosaurus are new arrivals at Chester Zoo - as keepers turn back the clock more than 250 million years.
Notable species of the dinosaur fauna included: a larger predatory allosaur, Vulconadon karibaensis; a giant sauropod, Brachiosaurus sp.
I would make friends with a Brachiosaurus and a Apatosaurus and become Tall Ben Osaurus
Quick confession: I had never even heard the term Brachiosaurus before.
Not just a few, but a range of triceratops, brachiosaurus and plesiosaur.