Braga, Teófilo

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Braga, Teófilo

(təô`fəlo͝o brä`gä), 1843–1924, Portuguese intellectual and political leader, b. Ponta Delgada in the Azores. At the Univ. of Coimbra he was a member of the positivist circle of Quental. In 1871 he began to teach at the Univ. of Lisbon, writing voluminously on many subjects. He tried to apply the positivist principles of Comte in his general history of Portuguese Literature (10 vol., 1870–81). A republican and an anticlerical in politics, he was chosen as first president of the new republic of Portugal (1910–11) and served again briefly in 1915. His teaching had a great effect on Portuguese intellectual life, and his writing stimulated interest in Portuguese history and literature. Several collections of his poetry were published during his lifetime.

Braga, Teófilo


Born Feb. 24, 1843, in Ponta Delgada, the Azores Islands; died Jan. 24, 1924, in Lisbon. Portuguese political figure, writer, positivist philosopher, and historian.

Braga was one of the organizers of the republican movement. After the overthrow of the monarchy in Portugal, he became prime minister of the provisional republican government (from Oct. 5, 1910 to Aug. 24, 1911). From May to October 1915 he was the provisional president of the Portuguese Republic.

Braga’s works (more than 100 volumes) touch upon various aspects of Portuguese culture, including literature, history, ethnology, folklore, and philosophy. Imbued with sympathy for the masses, Braga’s works had a great influence on the formation of the opinions of the Portuguese democratic intelligentsia.


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