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Two applications for 2005 were honored: BMC household circuit breaker housings, and phenolic automotive brake pistons.
Thermoset "Legacy" Award: Phenolic automotive brake pistons.
Global production of thermoset automotive brake pistons is estimated to exceed 65 million per year.
Modern Plastics is one of four producers of Phenolic Brake Pistons in the United States.
Modern Plastics Corporation today announced plans to purchase a state-of-the-art centerless grinder that will increase its capacity to produce phenolic brake pistons by more than 200 percent.
The success on the 747-400 piston led to the high-feed cermet inserts being used on all the company's brake pistons.
The small parts cell at Goodrich Wheel and Brake Systems (Troy, OH) manufactures hydraulic brake pistons and piston sleeves Out of 15-5 PH stainless steel bar stock, pre-hardened to 42 Rc.