Brandon University

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Brandon University,

at Brandon, Manitoba, Canada; nondenominational; coeducational; founded 1899 as Brandon College. The school gained university status in 1967. It has faculties of arts, science, music, and education.
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She was born in Boissevain in 1917, received a BA from Brandon College in 1938 and a BLS from University of Toronto in 1939.
Brandon College opened a Scandinavian Department for the training of Scandinavian Christians for ministry.
She went on to study music and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brandon College and the University of Manitoba.
Werry resigned as instructors in the commercial department of Brandon College to establish their own college in a building owned by the lumber firm of Hughes and Company.
Tommy McLeod, who graduated from Brandon College in 1940, convinced to come here from Weyburn, Saskatchewan by his Baptist minister and Brandon College grad Tommy Douglas, relates the Victorian Baptist origins of that most important of Brandon institutions: Brandon University.
While it is from the perspective of the latter that this narrative is primarily focused, it will be seen, as the story of Brandon College unfolds, that the two were inextricably, some might argue even fatally, entwined.
To arrive at the origins of the ideas which came to life anew, prevailing in the building of Brandon College, history must be pushed back almost half a century from the day in 1900 when the College assumed its chartered existence.
Unlike the previous two women, Halliday did not live on the North Hill but rather on Seventeenth Street across from Brandon College.
in the bottom left hand comer of the ad is code for sponsored by third year sociology at Brandon College.
By the time of his retirement from active duty in the Baptist cause of higher education some four decades later, he was firmly set in the folk lore of Brandon College as that institution's founding father.
The roots of Brandon College may be traced back to the fourth decade of the nineteenth century, and to the birth of John Gilmour's short-lived Canada Baptist College in Montreal.
He felt tired but content, having just enjoyed a turkey dinner provided by his Aunt Ida and still savouring his splendid graduation from Brandon College just four days prior.