brassica rapa

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Anti cancer, rich in fiber. The wild-shaped deeply lobed LEAVES are where the real vitamins and nutrients are. contain more calcium than any other vegetable. Help keep teeth white and gums healthy, helps fight body odor. Juice or blend in smoothies. In mustard family.
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Similarly, Bhatt & Chauhan (2000) found an allelopathic influence of Quercus species on Triticum aestivum, Brassica campestris, and Lens culinaria, whose germination and plumule and radicle length were suppressed by leaf and bark extracts of all these trees.
2] is in agreement with other reports on Brassica campestris (Chi and Pua, 1989), Capsicum annuum (Hyde and Philips, 1996), Manihot esculenta (Zhang et al.
38] noticed no significant alteration in the concentration of protein due to salinity in Brassica campestris.
Acanthaceae] Aphis gossypii Bougainvillea glabra Choisy [Nyctaginaceae] Myzus persicae group Brassica campestris L.