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1,478,100 Flatwoods Canoe Run Public Service District: to support the replacement and extension of a water line and related infrastructure in Braxton County, West Virginia devastated by the downturn in the coal industry.
La Salle County was joined by Braxton County, West Virginia and Claiborne County, Tennessee as the safest for students thanks to a lack of distracted drivers.
com)-- With the recent release of the corrected, revised and updated edition of “The Braxton County Monster-REVISED EDITION-The Cover-Up of The Flatwood Monster Revealed,” author Frank Feschino appeared on The Kate Valentine Show, Friday October 26th, 2012 to set the record straight.
Additional sites are also planned by the end of the year to enhance coverage in Braxton County on I-79 north of Burnsville and strengthen the wireless network between Elkins and Beverly.
Security is one of the biggest issues out there for K-12," says Sterling Beane, information technology director of the Braxton County School District in West Virginia.
Braxton County is one of 24 of the 55 county school districts in West Virginia that have only one high school.
consists of 17 board certified radiologists, providing on-site and teleradiology services for Charleston area hospitals, including all Charleston Area Medical Center facilities, Braxton County Memorial Hospital, HealthPlus Family Medicine Centers, and Highland Hospital.
The Office of Environmental Remediation (OER) at the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP) has approved a cleanup method submitted by the West Virginia Department of Transportation Division of Highways (DOT/DOH) to address environmental conditions through the Uniform Environmental Covenant Act (UECA) Program at Heaters Substation in Braxton County.
announced today that it has been awarded a contract to provide 9-1-1 and Computer Aided Dispatch for Braxton County 9-1-1.
Internet security company Symantec Corp has had its Gateway Security 5400 Series appliances chosen by public school authorities in Braxton County in the US.
West Virginia MATHCOUNTS State Competition Location: Braxton County Middle School, Flatwoods, W.
Tenders are invited for provide professional services for 1) revisions to its current comprehensive educational facilities plan (cffp 2010 - 2020); 2) the implementation of project programming, architectural/engineering design, cost estimating and construction administration services for any 2016-2017, 2017-2018 bcboe projects receiving sba ~needs~ or mip funding; 3) the related educational planning, bond planning, project programming, architectural/engineering design, cost estimating and construction administration services for any or all of the construction projects identified in the referenced braxton county cefps.