Brazilian rosewood

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Brazilian rosewood, palisander

A variegated, hard, heavy wood having shades of brown and violet or red with black streaks; used for turned articles and decorative paneling.
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Many guitar players believe the tone of the wood surpasses that of Brazilian rosewood.
4) An 1870s piano made from Brazilian rosewood anchors the living room.
Our beloved Brazilian rosewood was taken from us more than 25 years ago," he says.
It's in Brazilian rosewood, with decorative inlaid borders and has a print of a local scene on the top.
We cater to a small segment of the veneer market, but another popular look with clients is Brazilian rosewood.
If you prefer scented candles, try Natural Magic's organic Real Luxury candle with lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood, pounds 35 (www.
Rosewood and pau rosa are both harvested from the endangered Brazilian Rosewood tree.
The same Brazilian rosewood oil that is used for exterior Penofin is used in Interior Gold Label.
The double-necked PRS Dragon 2005 is made of Brazilian rosewood, South American mahogany and maple.
It also features a combination of Brazilian rosewood and Ceylon satinwood veneers.
OME crafts about 123 traditional, jazz and bluegrass models annually, utilizing best-of-the-best woods such as curly maple, Honduras mahogany, Gabonese ebony, and Brazilian rosewood in their construction.
Also on show will be one of Linley's guitars which he made from 100-year-old Brazilian rosewood, mahogany and European spruce - has the lad never heard of plywood?

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