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La Brea Bakery, the nation's top artisan bread brand, is seeking to remedy this challenge through the Breaking Bread Tour by providing consumers with a reason to slow down and embrace quality time with friends and family with the help of delicious artisan foods.
Called Breaking Bread With +Andrew: Dinner and Conversation With The Primate, the October event has a maximum of 50 tables for sale at $2,500 each and as of the beginning of September, 33 had been sold for a gross amount of $82,500 before expenses.
But the sight of a British Prime Minister breaking bread with a dictator in his desert tent was difficult to watch.
Old Town theatre company Sez-U presents the tragic comedy Breaking Bread.
Roccasalvo, a denizen of New York's Greenwich Village, is often spied there penning his prose in coffee houses or breaking bread with friends in an array of savory Village eateries.
The other guys stormed out of a Fiesta Bowl function in fatigues and commando sunglasses, chafing at the notion of breaking bread with the chumps sharing the field with them on game day.
IRVING, Texas, June 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Nature's Pride will be breaking bread with 40 of America's top chefs in support of the 25th annual Chef's Tribute in Rockefeller Center benefiting the legendary New York charity, Citymeals-on-Wheels.
It was a pleasant evening, breaking bread with Olympic medallists Brendan Foster and Mike McLeod at a civic dinner to mark the 25th anniversary of the Great North Run.
Short of breaking bread with ex-player Neil Reed, there would have been no better way for Knight to demonstrate he is a new man, a changed man, than to have cut short his morning turkey shoot to address the gathered media, too many of whom he has treated like that stuff on the toilet paper he allegedly waved in his players' faces during one of his inspired pep talks.
Breaking Bread is being sung by the Stanley Methodist Circuit Choir at 7.
Their Sunday liturgy was downright upbeat--lively music accompanied by tambourines handcrafted by the children, sincere hugs at the sign of peace, and genuine joy while breaking bread together.