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WHILEanglers are thinking about breaking the ice to pursue their sport,fishery owners are thinking months ahead,to those balmy days of late spring and early summer.
Written for an audience interested in global politics and security, Breaking the Ice also addresses the subject of the climate change, and how nature can often force the hand of humanity in compelling ways.
Six hardy soles braved breaking the ice at the match two weeks ago, with just one angler, Andy Findlay, troubling the scalesman.
Slap Shot 2: Breaking The Ice on DVD Includes a Making-Of Featurette, Interviews With the Hansons, Production Notes, and Cast and Filmmaker Bios
The "Chill Room" is made of stout inflatable cushions and is perfect for breaking the ice at garden parties.
Yes, Slapshot II: Breaking the Ice is currently shooting in arenas around Vancouver.
Certainly, as my exclusive snap shows, this takes some licking as a way of breaking the ice.