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family of painters: see BruegelBruegel,
or Breughel
, outstanding family of Flemish genre and landscape painters. The foremost, Pieter Bruegel, the Elder, c.
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, Bruegel, Breughel
1. Jan . 1568--1625, Flemish painter, noted for his detailed still lifes and landscapes
2. his father, Pieter , called the Elder. ?1525--69, Flemish painter, noted for his landscapes, his satirical paintings of peasant life, and his allegorical biblical scenes
3. his son, Pieter, called the Younger. ?1564--1637, Flemish painter, noted for his gruesome pictures of hell
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Some of the illustrations pay homage to the masters Chagall and Breughel in style and motif.
com)-- Pieter Breughel the Younger's “Spring” more than tripled its low estimate of $700,000 and fetched $2.
We were thinking about Bosch and Breughel and Escher and Turner--the history of painting began to emerge, and the representation of nature and humanity's role in relation to nature began to emerge during post-production, during the editing.
Shuts down again the close dark; the stumbling dark of the blind, that Breughel knew about--ditch circumscribed; this all depriving darkness split now by crazy flashing; marking hugely clear the spilled bowels of trees, splinter-spike, leper-ashen, sprawling the receding, unknowable, wall of night--the slithery causeway--his little flock, his armed bishopric going with weary limbs.
Also the paintings of Breughel, Eastern miniatures and Asian frescoes serve as design sources.
Rabb sees Pieter Breughel as the prophet of this new vision with his painting The Massacre of the Innocents, in which the biblical scene has been transferred to Europe.
Vergelyk byvoorbeeld die gedeelte oor die Winter-skildery van Breughel op bladsy 32 en die gepaardgaande vertaling.
After the luncheon, the group boarded the bus and Van Breughel served as tour guide explaining Maersk activities and the container process at the APM Terminal on the Rotterdam Maasvlakte.
Living here is like stepping into a paiting by Breughel, in modern dress.
Tracing the history-laden nature of the remains of Hampton Court, Runnymede, and other sites viewed by Guest and his companions, she argues that personal and national history blended together in such liminal "Romantic" resonances, and compares Morris' idyllic portraits of rural life and its inhabitants with the tableaux of landscape artists such as Peter Breughel, eighteenth-century painters such as Richard Wilson and Thomas Gainsborough, and Victorian contemporaries of Morris such as Miles Birket Foster (p.
Describe: The Rain on Dasaswamedh Ghat" is, in Bakhtinian terms, ultimately a festive poem and might be analyzed as a South Asian version of a scene by Breughel.