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common name for members of the large, widely distributed family Clupeidae, comprising many species of marine and freshwater food fishes, including the sardine (Sardinia), the menhaden (Brevoortia and Ethmidium), and the shad (Alosa).
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Systematics of the North American menhadens: molecular evolutionary reconstructions in the genus Brevoortia (Clupeiformes: Clupeidae).
Brevoortia tyrannus (Latrobe): Atlantic Menhaden; no account in text, Plate Mc (Fig.
Prevalence of culture-confirmed mycobacteriosis among fish sampled from mid--Chesapeake Bay tributaries % Culture- 95% Confidence Species (n) positive interval Atlantic menhaden (287) Brevoortia tyrannus 18 13.
In this study, variable co-dominant DNA loci in the heavily exploited marine genus Brevoortia were developed with a microsatellite-enriched DNA library for the Gulf Menhaden (Brevoortia patronus).
Atlantic menhaden, Brevoortia tyrannus, are estuarine-dependent, marine migratory members of the herring family of fishes (Ahrenholz, 1991).
Linneaus, naked goby Gobiosoma bosc Lacepede, Gulf menhaden Brevoortia patronus Goode, and pinfish Lagodon rhomboides Linneaus) represented 81% of the total fishes collected over all seasons (Table 2).
He laid a cloth that he had saturated with menhaden, Brevoortia tyrannus, oil over each decoy and placed the cloth so some of it touched the water and an oil slick was released over its surface.
Spawning time and recruitment dynamics of larval Atlantic menhaden, Brevoortia tyrannus, into a North Carolina estuary.
5) indicate that white shrimp comprised 49% of the total catch; followed by penaeid shrimp at 17%; Gulf menhaden, Brevoortia patronus, at 8%; blue crab, Callinectes sapidus, at 7%; discarded penaeid shrimp at 6%; debris at 3%; Atlantic croaker, Micropogonias undulatus, and threadfin shad, Dorosoma petenense, each at 2%; and blue catfish, Ictalurus furcatus, at 1%.
Each pot soaked for tank trials was baited with previously frozen Atlantic menhaden, Brevoortia tyrannus.
She also said the ability to turn to quahoging and other low investment activities also meant fishermen who worked for owners of pound nets and Atlantic menhaden, Brevoortia tyrannus, seiners had some control over the conditions of their labor, because they had alternative fisheries to which they could turn if necessary.
and Atlantic herring, Clupea harengus, although menhaden, Brevoortia spp.