brick veneer

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brick veneer, brick facing

brick veneer
A facing of brick laid against the front side of an exterior wall but not bonded to it; provides a decorative, durable wall surface. Such bricks typically are laid lengthwise, so this type of construction is relatively thin, economical, and easy to lay.
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The fluid-applied flashing needs to run down the exterior face of the bottom plate and seal to the seat in the concrete supporting the brick veneer.
Some of the work had been neatly done, but she was again appalled to find that most of the work resembled the work of a five-year-old: white paint spatters and drips on the red brick veneer, drip marks on the window casings and doors, and uneven paint coverage on the trim and doors.
Exterior: Clay brick, brick veneer, operable windows
The terminal building was constructed with a structural steel frame and masonry bearing walls, brick veneer exterior, asphalt shingle roof and radiant floor heat.
Abandoning the uniformity of color, size, and shape associated with traditional brick, the company introduces its brick veneer product line.
La Mesa Junior High: Replant grass, repair brick veneer, replace electric room air conditioner, paint fencing and replace corroded school sign.
Since all the bricks in a brick veneer wall face the exterior, masons must use the harder grades exclusively.
With gypsum sheathing or plywood sheathing or OSB sheathing, it turns out we need a WRB between 10 perms and 20 perms for pretty much the same reasons as the brick veneer.
Knight and Corium are both ideally suited to the modern commercial building envelope and combined create a true rainscreen brick veneer with continuous insulation.
The properties, all located in desirable neighborhoods, were constructed in the 1930s and consist of mid-rise, brick veneer buildings.
A minimum bidding price of $450,000 has been set for the two-story, 3,568SF brick veneer structure with a twocar garage on 0.