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1 City (1990 pop. 17,779), St. Louis co., E Mo., on the Missouri River; settled c.1765, inc. 1843. Consumer goods and metal products are among its manufactures. 2 City (1990 pop. 18,942), seat of Cumberland co., S N.J., on the Cohansey River; settled 1686, inc. 1865. Once a rural farm center, it has become highly industrialized, with glassworks, printing, food-processing, textile, and clothing industries. Bridgeton's downtown is highly Victorian, but it has several 18th-century buildings, including the restored Potter's Tavern, a revolutionary center in colonial days, and a Presbyterian church (1792). There is a zoo.
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HFF) announces the $27M sale of 555 De Haro, a 50,021-square-foot flex office building in San Francisco, California in an off-market transaction to Bridgeton Holdings.
The measure is aimed at homes near Bridgeton Landfill and adjacent West Lake Landfill, where Cold War-era nuclear waste was buried in the 1970s.
Less than 2 miles from their new home, the Sarah Community, is the Bridgeton Landfill, which was creating hideous smells because the decades' worth of trash buried in it is burning--not through fire, but through high temperatures from decomposition fed by methane.
The Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust are opening the doors to their archive at Bridgeton Bus Garage - including more than 100 heritage vehicles that will no doubt bring tears to a few eyes.
Glasgow's Bridgeton area is becoming something of a creative hotspot with the move there of another creative sector business, Peebles Media Group.
The borrower, Bridgeton Holdings, is converting the vacant office property into the Walker Hotel Tribeca, a 171key upscale, boutique hotel.
The EPA announced the decision Thursday to help mitigate concerns at West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton, Missouri.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has ordered surface fire prevention measures at the West Lake Landfill superfund site in Bridgeton, Mo.
Bridgeton Group, LLC said it has introduced its new cloud-based Bridgeton Index Portfolio platform where commodity portfolio managers can test their ideas.
It will be followed by a procession through Bridgeton to the Drying Greens on Glasgow Green.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A fatal shooting by US police officers of a man in Bridgeton, 35 miles South of Philadelphia, who defied their orders by stepping out of a car during a traffic stop but had his hands raised has opened a new rift between residents and the police department in the struggling city, a report said.
30 killing of Jerame Reid in Bridgeton, a struggling, mostly minority city of 25,000 people about 35 miles south of Philadelphia, was released this week, raising a host of questions and stirring anger over yet another death at the hands of police.