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(brēk), Fr. Brigue, town, Valais canton, S Switzerland, on the Rhône River, at the north entrance of the Simplon Tunnel. Although it has a noted 17th-century palace, Brig is primarily known as the junction of the Simplon, Lötschberg, and Furka rail lines. The primary economic activity of the town is tourism.


two-masted sailing vessel, square-rigged on both masts. Brigs have been used as cargo ships and also, in the past, as small warships carrying about 10 guns. They vary in length between 75 and 130 ft (23–40 m), with tonnages up to 350. A brigantine is a somewhat smaller two-masted vessel, square-rigged on the foremast but with a fore-and-aft mainsail. In earlier times it carried a square topsail on the mainmast. A hermaphrodite brig is identical with the brigantine except that it carries no topsail on its mainmast; most U.S. brigs since 1860 have actually been of this type.


A unit to express the ratio of two quantities, as a logarithm to the base 10; that is, a ratio of 10 x is equal to x brig; it is analogous to the bel, but the latter is restricted to power ratios. Also known as dex.


Nautical a two-masted square-rigger
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Brig Gen Al Matroushi said that the Civil Defence will not tolerate those who put people's lives in danger.
The history and character of our grounds is one of the greatest alluring features of junior football and I for one hope this is a battle the home side win at the Brig.
According to Brig Ruvusha, the rebels have been regrouping but "the challenge has always been that Uganda and Rwanda cannot go beyond their borders to hunt down the enemies.
Having previously worked with COTC on another project, brig staff were already familiar with the idea of the system, and the command decided to give it a try.
But while one might expect a career military officer to be the school's fire-breathing disciplinarian, Brig.
The appointments and transfers within the units took into consideration sectarian distribution, as Brig.
The report said that Abdul Qadir, Ahmed and Rizwan of Hut met Brig Khan and persuaded him to hatch this conspiracy.
But in a statement issued via the Ministry of Defence yesterday, Brig Moffat said: "My decision to leave has nothing whatsoever to do with Army 2020 cuts.
Speaking in Cardiff ahead of Armed Forces Day today, Brig Wardle said: "There have been a lot of sacrifices along the way, not just from the soldiers but also from the families.
I tried to reason with them and asked them to remove the blockade," said Brig Al Hashel.
Commander of Financial and Administrative Affairs Brig.