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Other notable writing that has emanated from prisons in recent years includes the autobiographies Princesa by Fernanda Farias de Albuquerque and Maurizio Jannelli--now known to a wider public thanks to a treatment of this story by the late cantautore Fabrizio de Andre in his Anime salve of 1996--and Ergastolo by the ex-Red Brigadist, Nicola Valentino.
To be a Red Brigadist at all meant subscribing to a Marxist-Leninist world view, as Patrizio Peci made clear in lo l'infame ("I the Infamous One" 1983).
This is his comment about the moment when he was turned out by the clerk of a hotel where he and several white brigadists meant to spend their first night back in the United States:
In 1999, a new generation of Red Brigadists initiated a terror campaign by murdering a labor law consultant for the government, Massimo D'Antona.
On Madrid's western outskirts the brigadists were spread across the Casa de Campo among the mostly unarmed local militias.