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Flemish painters, brothers. Mattys Brill (mä`tīs), 1550–83, went to Rome early in his career and executed frescoes for Gregory XIII in the Vatican. Paul Brill, 1554–1626, probably studied in Rome with his brother and succeeded him at the Vatican. His calm, well-observed landscapes exercised a great influence on Italian art. His works after 1600 show his mature style; the landscape elements are arranged like stage-set wings receding diagonally into depth, his brushwork is broader, and his atmospheric effects refined. His frescoes and oils are found in many Roman churches. Martyrdom of St. Clement (Vatican), against a seascape, is perhaps his best-known work. He often painted small landscapes on copper.


a European food fish, Scophthalmus rhombus, a flatfish similar to the turbot but lacking tubercles on the body: family Bothidae
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Under the terms of this agreement, Brill Pharma will handle promotion, marketing and commercial activities in Spain for ILUVIEN.
The Brill building features nine LED signs and two large rooftop signs that the Allied/Brickman team obtained approval for from the Land marks Preservation Commission.
Elke Badde and prof Dr Hans-Joerg Schmidt Trenz, in their greeting remarks assured their continuous support for the new cooperation between Thumbay Group and Dr Brill Dr Seinmann GmbH Institute.
Hutchinson said Brill will exercise judicial restraint and follow the Constitution and the rule of law.
Brill created the program seven years ago when she worked as a health teacher at another special needs school and she is seeing growing demand for these workshops.
Brill is always perfectly clear and at times even evocative in his scene setting, but his book is best understood as a compendium of Obamacare minutiae.
From Back Page Brill, who was making his first start in seven weeks after recovering from an injury to the same knee in their win over Hamilton in January.
Brill has missed six matches since suffering a freak injury on Hamilton's artificial surface in January.
Then come another 200-some pages in which Brill mostly tries to reconstruct what went wrong with the rollout of Obamacare, concentrating on the star-crossed Healthcare, gov website.
We study and derive inspiration from them to produce our own versions," said Brill.
Brill knows that other federal agencies are getting involved in the issue of privacy, considering sector-specific matters, but, she says, the FTC is concerned with the entirety of the issue, and has been since 2002.
One reason why the FTC is needed to take action is that patent reform addressing PAE litigation stalled in Congress this year, though Brill sees legislative action as one path toward decreasing patent litigation.