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EDB business development executive director Trevor Stokes and Brisbane City Council strategy, communications and international business director Ben Myers also addressed the news conference.
The Brisbane City Council has also decided that its future diesel buses will also be Volvo vehicles, which could mean that total deliveries to Brisbane could rise to 335 buses.
Briefings with Brisbane City Council's representatives reinforced the DMA's underlying theme of the importance of government services that directly affect the people's lives being delivered by a government structure at a local level rather than a centralized government structure.
Through the development of Brisbane City Council's 'Living in Brisbane 2026' document, it was found that Brisbane residents place a high value on recreational opportunities, its green and shady nature and eco-friendliness.
The Brisbane City Council recorded a large absolute growth in population (121,950); however, in percentage terms (16 percent) it did not record population growth as fast as the Northern Sub and South Regional Organisation of Councils (42 and 37 percent respectively).
In 2006 Brisbane City Council in Queensland used the strategic procurement process on all of these categories, as part of a whole of council roll out.
The Richland County Public Library in Columbia, South Carolina, has announced a partnership with the Brisbane City Council Library Service in Queensland, Australia, and the Somerset County Council Libraries, Arts and Information Service in the U.
The move comes as other states look to capitalize on the success of Sydney's Fox Studios and Queensland's Warner Roadshow Movie World on the state's southeast Gold Coast, with feasibility studies underway to build more studios in Brisbane City and Far North Queensland.
It's created Brisbane City Enterprises (BCE), a wholly owned corporate subsidiary of the city government, to sell a menu of the city's advanced technology and management services to other governments in Australia and across the Asia Pacific region.
Ms Munro is a former Chief Executive Officer of the Brisbane City Council and also served as a commissioner for the Commission of Inquiry into the Greater Geelong City Council.
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