Bristol Channel

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Bristol Channel,

inlet of the Atlantic Ocean, c.85 mi (140 km) long and from 5 to 50 mi (8.1–80 km) wide, stretching westward from the mouth of the River Severn and separating Wales from SW England. Its chief bays are Carmarthen and Swansea in Wales and Barnstaple (or Bideford) and Bridgwater in England. Many cities are on or near the channel; among the largest are Bristol, Newport, Cardiff, and Swansea. Along the coast of S Wales is a great concentration of economic activity, and Bristol Channel serves as a major shipping corridor. Milford Haven, a major oil-importing center, has a harbor that can accommodate large modern tankers.

Bristol Channel

an inlet of the Atlantic, between S Wales and SW England, merging into the Severn estuary. Length: about 137 km (85 miles)
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On her return, people lined the banks of the Avon to see her and there was plenty of media coverage of the event but I don't think many people this side of the Bristol Channel were aware of the event.
These include, for example, offshore wind farm developments such as those being considered in the Outer Bristol Channel which are being allowed to progress potentially without sufficient regard to the needs of the protection of the species.
Nowhere is this more apparent than on the Bristol Channel.
Peter Hain, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, and Brian Morgan of Cardiff Business School head through the Cardiff Bay Barrage out into the Bristol Channel to see the site of the proposed Severn Estuary barrage PICTURE: Huw Evans
Undoubtedly the former was the driving force to bring her to South Wales as the White Funnel fleet and found it impossible to continue funding the substantial costs of operating the last two paddlers in the Bristol Channel, the post-war-built beautiful ships, the Bristol and Cardiff Queens.
Nash Point Lighthouse was designed in 1832 by James Walker, the engineer-in-chief to Trinity House, to mark the sandbanks off the point at the entrance to the Bristol Channel.
The Bristol Channel is one of the UK's busiest shipping lanes and one of the most notorious stretches of water in the world, well known for its violent under currents.
Barry Hills is represented by Genoa, who won a minor event at Yarmouth last time, and Bristol Channel, who has not been seen since winning the Lingfield Oaks Trial on fast ground in May.
Seals are not an uncommon sight in the Bristol Channel, although they usually "pup" on more remote islands such as Skomer, Ramsey, Steep Holm, Flat Holm and Lundy.
And that's exactly what could happen if you run into trouble in the Bristol Channel.
The Barry Hills-trained pair High And Low and Bristol Channel both stood their ground.
ON A beautiful sunny morning back in the 1960s we sailed out from the Rhymney River into the Bristol Channel.

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