British Board of Agrement

British Board of Agrément

An independent British organization, which operates under government sanction, for testing, assessing, and issuing certificates concerning the performance of new building materials (or old materials used in new ways), components, products, and/or building systems.
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Our systems have been approved by the British Board of Agrement, including an attestation that Alumasc's systems can meet the requirements of the building regulations pertaining to the spread of fire.
The British Board of Agrement (BBA) is preparing for the arrival of super-sized, super-stringent test equipment which goes beyond the climatic extremes to challenge the performance of externally applied wall systems.
The British Board of Agrement (BBA) and the Energy Saving Trust (EST) announced that they have teamed up to render a range of verification, testing, endorsement and consultancy services for companies putting efforts to gain energy efficient products an independent stamp of approval.
The tests on the Portakabin buildings were carried out under strictly control led conditions, and were independently verified by the British Board of Agrement (BBA),
P holds the coveted British Board of Agrement Certificate No 02/396 All installations are carried out by Rubberbond approved independent installers who have been trained in the methods of the Rubberbond Roofing System.
The certificate, which is valid in the six Gulf Co-operation Council Countries, is issued by the British Board of Agrement for its Hyperflex range of tanking membranes.
The free event focused on the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) and the prospects available to the Welsh supply chain with speakers from the Energy Saving Trust, Department of Energy and Climate Change, SSE, Knauf Insulation and British Board of Agrement discussing a number of topics including awareness of the scheme and the necessary standards required.
The product, which took two and a half years to develop, recently won accreditation from the British Board of Agrement (BBA) - now its creators are in talks with one of America's leading recycled tyre companies.
The product has gone on to achieve British Board of Agrement (BBA) approval - so complying fully with the requirements of the Building Regulations for roof and timber-framed wall insulation.
The Evodure Metallic process has been thoroughly tested and evaluated and will be covered by the same British Board of Agrement Certificate awarded to the established Syntha Pulvin system.
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