Commonwealth games

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Commonwealth games,

series of amateur athletic meets held among citizens of countries in the Commonwealth of NationsCommonwealth of Nations,
voluntary association of Great Britain and its dependencies, certain former British dependencies that are now sovereign states and their dependencies, and the associated states (states with full internal government but whose external relations are
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. Originated (1930) as the British Empire games, the series is held every four years and is patterned after the Olympic games; women have participated since 1934. In their early stages the games enjoyed the patronage of King George V. As with the Olympics, they have been subject to political pressure, a notable example being the 1986 boycott by some nations protesting Britain's refusal to impose sanctions against South Africa.
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Silver baton made for the 1970 British Commonwealth Games team.
At the moment in my home city, Manchester, we are preparing to host the British Commonwealth Games in July this year, with a view to persuading the world, through media attention, that Manchester is a good place for hosting the Olympic Games in the future.
In December she will be competing for Northern Ireland in Scotland and after that she hopes to make the British Commonwealth games team and the British 2004 Olympics squad.
The former captain of the British Commonwealth Games squad added: "As I watch the Olympic Games, it puts into perspective the amount wasted on the Dome.
Conteh won Middleweight Gold at the British Commonwealth Games in 1970 andtook the WBC Light Heavyweight crown in 1974 He successfully defended the title three times including a fight at Liverpool Stadium in 1977.
At 19, he won the middleweight gold medal at the 1970 British Commonwealth Games.
The 20-year-old from New Marske who has already been selected for the British Commonwealth Games team completed the race in just 49 minutes and 34 seconds.
Welsh men's coach Gareth Irwin said, ``David is a brave and determined type of guy, and still sees a British Commonwealth Games as a chance to do his best in front of a home crowd.

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