British East Africa

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British East Africa,

inclusive historical term for several former British dependencies, especially Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika, and Zanzibar.

British East Africa

the former British possessions of Uganda, Kenya, Tanganyika, and Zanzibar, before their independence in the 1960s
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The Flame Trees of Thika (1959), a charming novel based on her childhood memories of British East Africa (BEA) before the First World War, is a minor classic, giving a glimpse of Africa in its last, fleeting moment of primeval splendor and a matchless child's-eye view of the courage and folly of its white settlers.
The best elements of McCulloch's analysis are his detailed examinations of the British asylums at Ingutsheni in Southern Rhodesia and Mathari in British East Africa.
Traumatized by a Nazi atrocity in his Dutch parish near the end of the war, Merrin has given up the priesthood for archaeology by the time he's summoned to British East Africa in the late 1940s.
It used to be known as British East Africa before it gained independence in 1963.
Already in 1919 he became deeply involved in the question of race relations and land rights in British East Africa and was one of the key people in helping to secure the rights of Africans in face of the claims of the white settlers.
The inner book, kernel or catalyst for the outer, is a fragmentary diary belonging to Alfred Corbin, an English district commissioner who comes to British East Africa in 1913.
After 74 years of colonial rule dating back to 1888, when Uganda was placed under the charter of the British East Africa Company, the British left the country that they once called the "Pearl of Africa" in a state of dangerous fragility.
Christine Nicholls redresses the balance, revealing Kenya's forgotten history, from its early explorers and the creation of the British East Africa Company, through two world wars, to the demise of colonial rule and Kenyan African ascendancy.
It still takes place in British East Africa and still involves the discovery of an ancient church where no Christian church should be.
My grandparents were from India but I was born in Kenya when it was called British East Africa,' says Gurinder.

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