British East Africa

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British East Africa,

inclusive historical term for several former British dependencies, especially Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika, and Zanzibar.

British East Africa

the former British possessions of Uganda, Kenya, Tanganyika, and Zanzibar, before their independence in the 1960s
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So when conservationist Roosevelt arrived in British East Africa in April 1909, Alfred was given the job of looking after the ex-President's hunting expedition.
Which city was the capital of the British East Africa Protectorate from 1895 to 1907?
Of course Hall, an officer in the Imperial British East Africa Company, was unaware that he was echoing precisely the sentiments of Prospero in Shakespeare's The Tempest Prospero reminded his daughter that they could not eliminate Caliban completely because they needed him to cut wood for their fire and haul water for their cooking.
It follows the heroine Rachel Sheridan from the time she is 13 years old, living with her missionary parents in British East Africa where she was born.
The questions were supposed to test how well students understood a passage written by a colonial official of the Imperial British East Africa Co.
The period covered extends between 1888 and 1905, when control of British East Africa passed from the Foreign Office to the Colonial Office.
The Crown Protectorate of British East Africa, dating from 1895, is an illustrative case.
More than one-half of the Polish civilians who traveled with General Anders out of the Soviet gulags found refuge in the countries of former British East Africa.
Father Merrin, the elderly demon- dispatcher seen in William Friedkin's hit 1973 ``Exorcist,'' first encounters satanic spirit Pazuzu at an archaeological dig in late 1940s British East Africa.
In contrast to West Africa, a substantial number of European settlers had immigrated to British East Africa, complicating discussions of postindependence constitutional structures.
Possibly because the men were all outdoors shooting animals and clearing land, the best-known chroniclers of the romantic, improbable lives led by white settlers in British East Africa have been women: Isak Dinesen, Beryl Markham, and Elspeth Huxley.
Defining a specifically "African" insanity fascinated psychiatrists in Nyasaland, Nigeria, Rhodesia, and British East Africa.

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