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On January 19, 1839, the British East India Company landed Royal Marines at Aden to occupy the territory.
In the 1840s, when China still held the monopoly on tea, the British East India Company had commissioned the Scottish botanist Robert Fortune to secretly explore Chinese tea cultivation.
How did the British East India Company (EIC) transfonn itself from a commercial trading corporation to an imperial state, ruling (or at least dominating) the several hundred million inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent?
Having tired of working for the British East India Company, he settled in America, was befriended by George Washington and married one of his granddaughters.
Chowfin's great- grandfatherin- law acquired the land from a representative of the British East India Company.
It included items like the bridle from the horse of Captain Louis Nolan, the man who delivered the order for the Charge of the Light Brigade, and an antique gold ring belonging to Tipu Sultan, who was defeated by the British East India Company.
The manuscript eventually The manuscript eventually ended up in mughal India, where it was acquired by the British East India Company and passed to the university.
The Minister added that in the 19th century, the linkage between Bahrain and India was cemented through the involvement of the British in both countries; at first through the British East India Company and then directly by the British Government.
The British East India Company deliberately imposed a triangular trade arrangement whereby Britain sold manufactured goods to India in order to buy opium, which it subsequently sold in China to finance the purchase of tea and other products.
The first experimental telegraph line was established in 1850 between Koklata and Diamond Harbour, and the British East India Company started using it the following year.
In the late 17th century the British East India Company leased territory around what became the city of Kolkatta (Calcutta).
South Yemen remained under British control from 1823, when the British East India Company occupied the Port of Aden and formed the Federation of South Arabia.

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