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British Standard, British Standard specification

A specification of grades, qualities, sizes, etc., of materials, components, etc., published by the British Standards Institution.
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The move to achieve the British Standard for Inclusive Service Provision will require a number of phased improvements to SSEs processes, with different customer service functions gradually being accredited.
The full and complete implementation of British Standard 3849 (2) connectors throughout British hospitals should have solved these problems.
A new British standard has been launched at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) in response to calls to improve safety on overseas adventure activities, whether it's exploring the Amazon, attempting to scale Mount Everest or taking part in a gap year in Africa.
if caps are essential this British Standard minimises risk by specifying the design of ventilated caps which reduce the likelihood of inhalation and delay asphyxiation pending medical intervention.
The Kitemark is a registered trademark of the British Standards Institution and is a voluntary quality mark that shows a company's commitment to quality and certifies that the product conforms to the appropriate British, European or international standards or manufacturer's own specifications.
The project involves the provision of a new online channel to market for thousands of British Standards publications.
The new British standard uses a phased implementation approach, which breaks down the process of installing a formal environmental management system into five levels.
They should always be fitted to British Standard specifications.
A proposed British Standard states the average level of commercials or trailers - which are often mini-movies - should be 85 decibels.
ASTM and British standards are not identical because no ASTM standard is a reproduction of an ISO method verbatim.
include organizations covering a range of industries, from Lloyds Register of Quality Assurance and the British Standards Institute to specialist organizations that cover a particular industry.
ASIS International and BSI British Standards will collaborate on the development of a Business Continuity Management (BCM) American National Standard.

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