British Togoland

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British Togoland:

see TogolandTogoland
or Togo
, historic region (c.33,500 sq mi/86,800 sq km), W Africa, bordering on the Gulf of Guinea in the south. The western section of Togoland is now part of Ghana, and the eastern portion constitutes the Republic of Togo.
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Ghana became an independent state on March 6, 1957, when the United Kingdom relinquished its control over the Colony of the Gold Coast and Ashanti, the Northern Territories Protectorate, and British Togoland.
The original Gold Coast Colony now comprises the Western, Central, Eastern, and Greater Accra Regions, with a small portion at the mouth of the Volta River assigned to the Volta Region; the Ashanti area was divided into the Ashanti and Brong-Ahafo Regions; the Northern Territories into the Northern, Upper East, and Upper West Regions; and British Togoland essentially is the same area as the Volta Region.
In the face of these challenges, Nkrumah created a nation out of four ethnically diverse territorial populations--the British coastal Colony, the Ashanti, the Protectorate of the Northern Territories, and the former mandate of British Togoland.
In 1957, the residents of British Togoland voted to join the Gold Coast as part of the new independent nation of Ghana.

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