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(quaking grass), a genus of perennial and annual herbs of the family Gramineae. The inflorescence is a panicle; the Spike-lets are large and many-flowered. There are about 15 species distributed in Europe, Western Asia, North Africa, and South America. The plants were imported into North America. The USSR has five or six species, growing in meadows and forest glades and forest glades and amid shrubbery. The species B. media is found in the European USSR, and B. minor is found in the Caucasus. Both species serve as pasturage for livestock and are cultivated as ornamentals. B. maxima is also raised as an ornamental.

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He said that in the case of Briza, "with the combination of physiotherapy, suggestion for any prosthetic brace or surgical intervention may help him and improve his life condition".
Its brands include Star, Briza, Blue Star and Hunter.
Electrostar manufactures and markets fans under the brand names Blue Star, Star, and Briza and it also markets ceiling fans under the Hunter and Fanimation brands.
The same details are also in the guardhouse's rooflines and in some cases even in the amenities, as reflected in Escalades South Metro's Briza clubhouse.
Greater quaking grass, Briza maxima: A grass that rustles in the wind with nodding, lantern-like heads of owers.
But happy hour at Briza Bar on the second floor of Pico de Loro Beach Club beckons.
SeeNews) - Jan 9, 2015 - Czech art, school and office products supplier Koh-i-Noor Hardtmuth AS may pursue acquisition opportunities in the machinery and health products sectors, financial and corporate intelligence provider Mergermarket reported citing owner and CEO Vlastislav Briza.
Bicyles Motocycles, Erciyas Energy, Briza Wind and several other companies.
In 2014 the local California prairie is dominated by invasive annual grasses (Poaceae) that include A ira caryophyllea (silver hair grass), Avena barbata (wild oat), Briza maxima (rattlesnake grass), Bromus hordeaceus (soft chess) and Festuca my uros (rattail six-weeks grass), which produce thatch.
I I Pasto Briza minor * II I GRUPO H13 Arbusto Baccharis spicata I I III Arbusto Hypericum brasiliense I II Hierba Tibouchina gracilis II Pasto Chascolytrum (=Briza) uniolae III IV II Pasto Steinchisma (=Panicum) hians I IV II Pasto Paspalum urvillei I III I Graminoide Cyperus entrerianus I II Graminoide Juncus microcephalus I I GRUPO H14 Hierba Achyrocline alata I Hierba Centella asiatica Hierba Galium noxium Hierba Gamochaeta simplicicaulis Hierba Hydrocotyle sp.