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The Bronx Brewery will also increase distribution in order to access markets outside of New York City, where most of the brewery's current sales come from, he said.
This innovative building will be a great addition to Starlight 'Park and aid the staff of the Bronx River Greenway Alliance with the restoration of the Bronx River," said DDC Commissioner Dr.
For more information on Bronx Park Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, visiting hours or general inquiries, kindly call them at 718.
But the credit crunch and the unraveling economy appear as dark clouds on the horizon for Related Retail's plan to invest what could reach over $1 billion in the Bronx.
After more than a decade of organizing, MOM has succeeded in making parents' engagement a norm in the South Bronx, District 8.
What Arthur has given back to the community is just amazing," says Monica Figueroa, a 22-year-old Bronx native who met Aviles while taking his dance classes at The Point, and who recently joined his company.
What: A poignant 22-minute audio documentary about Eddie Carmel, an 8-foot-9-inch Bronx native who became the Ringling Brothers Circus' Tallest Man on Earth and was the subject of a famous Diane Arbus photograph.
In a way, that's our role, to work behind the scenes and let local people pick it up from there," says Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer.
The unexpected discovery of exotic HIV strains in the Bronx reflects the magnitude of the crisis unfolding in this borough.
And he has been able not only to get away with it but also to prosper, first as head of three precincts in Harlem, then chief in the Bronx, then head of the New York City Transit Police, and finally as Chief of Police of Minneapolis, Minnesota, from 1980 until last February.
The Bronx RHIO is slowly, but steadily, breaking new ground in the improvement of patient care in New York," said Barbara Radin, executive director.
Robust job growth, new retail and residential projects, and pro-business local officials are among the reasons investors are finding the Bronx an attractive place for their investment dollars.