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Brookings Institution,

at Washington, D.C.; chartered 1927 as a consolidation of the Institute for Government Research (est. 1916), the Institute of Economics (est. 1922), and the Robert S. Brookings Graduate School of Economics and Government (est. 1924). Its accepts no private contracts for social science research, but does accept government contracts if the findings may be made public. The institution helps scholars study contemporary economic, governmental, and international problems by financing research projects and publishing their findings.
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The Taoiseach was speaking at a special symposium on Ireland's Place in Europe organised by the Brookings Institute think-tank in Washington on Tuesday evening.
Kleinfeld is also an Honorary Trustee of the Brookings Institute and a life member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
According to the Brookings Institute, there are 26 million Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) jobs available in the United States.
edu/research/the-dangerous-separation-of-the-american-upper-middle-class/) according to the Brookings Institute .
economy has "largely recovered" from the financial crisis, and the unemployment rate is down to 5%, admits economist Barry Bosworth of the Brookings Institute.
Cette rencontre a ete marquee par la participation d'eminents experts et d'anciens hauts responsables US, dont Martin Indyk, ancien envoye special des pourparlers de paix israelo-palestiniens, actuellement Vice-President du Brookings Institute.
BAGHDAD / NINA / The governor of Nineveh, Ethel Nujaifi headed to the United States in an unofficial visit lasting several days at the invitation of the Brookings Institute.
Aaron, Washington DC, Brookings Institute Press, 2013, 142pp.
The Brookings Institute has quantified it, at least insofar as Twitter is concerned, and estimates there are a maximum of 70,000 pro-ISIS accounts, but it said 46,000 "is our most conservative" estimate.
A recent study by the Brookings Institute notes that the 55 percent increase in Amtrak ridership nationwide over the past 15 years has been largely due to the growth of short-distance routes such as the Cascades line.

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