Brooklyn Bridge

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Brooklyn Bridge,

vehicular suspension bridge, New York City, southernmost of the bridges across the East River, between lower Manhattan and Brooklyn; built 1869–83. The achievement of J. A. RoeblingRoebling, John Augustus
, 1806–69, German-American engineer, b. Mulhouse. He studied engineering in Berlin and in 1831 came to the United States. He demonstrated the practicability of steel cable and established a plant for manufacturing it at Trenton, N.J.
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 and his son W. A. Roebling, it has a span of 1,595.5 ft (487 m). It was the first steel-wire suspension bridge in the world and was the world's longest suspension bridge at the time of its completion.


See D. G. McCullough, The Great Bridge (1983); M. J. Shapiro, A Picture History of the Brooklyn Bridge (1983); A. Trachtenberg, Brooklyn Bridge (1990); P. Lopate and B. Dogancay, Bridge of Dreams (1999).

Brooklyn Bridge

suspension bridge spanning the East River from Manhattan to Brooklyn. [Am. Hist.: EB, II: 301]
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Brooklyn Bridge

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In math, students learn about percentile equations, used in designing cables for the Brooklyn Bridge.
Vehicles crossing the Brooklyn Bridge toward Lower Manhattan travel in which intermediate direction?
Brooklyn Bridge is the product of Playground, a partnership between the Minneapolis company and New York's New Dramatists that encourages established playwrights to write for not-yet-adult audiences.
A lorry driver with suspected ties to al Qaeda, who was allegedly involved in plots to derail American trains and sabotage New York's Brooklyn Bridge, has pleaded guilty to two felony charges.
Recently authorities tightened security around New York City landmarks after the FBI disclosed uncorroborated information from detainees that sites such as the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge might be attacked.
Often cited as a monument to the genius and industriousness of the modern world, the Brooklyn Bridge provides a spectacular connection between Brooklyn and Manhattan.
With playgrounds, swimming pools, and an indoor recreation center, the Brooklyn Bridge Park will offer visitors a lot to do.
In the painting, Old Brooklyn Bridge, Stella shows the Brooklyn Bridge at night.
At the time the Brooklyn Bridge opened to the public in May, 1883, 14 years after construction began, its two stone towers were taller than any other man-made structure in North America.
Last May, the organization held a small rally and march across the Brooklyn Bridge and on to the United Nations on Haitian Independence Day.
Judging from the drawings and paintings that made up the bulk of Gipe's museum, the "century" didn't span much more than a decade (the '30s), but for Gipe it was a decade characterized by a multiculti definition of "progress": Italian Fascist monuments, American steel factories, Nazi sculpture, the Brooklyn Bridge, Stalinist architecture, etc.
The bridge of the title is first of all the Brooklyn Bridge, but it is also an imagined bridge spanning the country in all its diversity from the East Coast to the West Coast and, yet again, it is a bridge of time, stretching from the first explorations into the 20th century.

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