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Dallas-based Gulf Coast Western, LLC announced today that its first well in the Home Run Field in Brooks County, Texas is in production.
The Stagecoach Prospect targets multiple Frio and Vicksburg sands to a depth of 8,000 feet in an area of strong Frio and Vicksburg gas/condensate production located between the Cage Range and Scott & Hopper Fields in Brooks County, Texas.
However, only one partially sequenced individual from the Gulf Coast region was included, a museum specimen collected in 1947 from Brooks County, Texas.
The first was a male collected on 15 March 2010 at Encinitos Ranch, 18 mi SW of Rachal, Brooks County, Texas (JLN #33813) and the second a female at the Chaparral Wildlife Management Area, Dimmit County, Texas (JLN #33934) on 2 April 2010.
This study was conducted between February and July during 2003 and 2004 on the Encino Division of the King Ranch in Brooks County, Texas (26[degrees] 56' N, 98[degrees] 07' W) during the breeding and nesting seasons of Red-tailed Hawks, White-tailed Hawks, and Crested Caracaras in south Texas (Actkinson 2006).
Prior to Palangana, the last RML granted by TCEQ was in 2002 to Mestena Uranium for their operation in Brooks County, Texas.
Brigham Exploration Company today provided an update on the well control incident at its Palmer #7 development well in its Home Run Field, Brooks County, Texas.
In Brooks County, Texas, the Longoria #11 and #12 wells were completed for a combined rate of 2.
The Company is also in the process of completing and evaluating the Scott & Hopper #5 well in Brooks County, Texas.
During the quarter we closed a $12 million acquisition of proved reserves in Brooks County, Texas.
OTC Bulletin Board: ARXA) announced today the sale of their Flowella and Colson Fields located in Brooks County, Texas for approximately $845,000 cash.
Two of its more prominent successes have been the discovery and development of the Tom East Field in Brooks County, Texas, which has produced 190 Bcfe since its discovery in 2001, and the re-development of the Esperson Dome Field in Liberty County, Texas which has produced 20 Bcfe since its redevelopment in 1995.