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see tastetaste,
response to chemical stimulation that enables an organism to detect flavors. In humans and most vertebrate animals, taste is produced by the stimulation by various substances of the taste buds on the mucous membrane of the tongue.
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As his fellow friars burst out laughing, the inquisitor becomes enraged, "sentendo trafiggere la lor brodaiuola ipocrisia" ("sensing their brothy hypocrisy transfixed" Dec.
One example is Potato Kale Soup, a brothy soup with roots in the Portuguese recipe called
Mushrooms are rich in umami (the fifth taste known for its savory, brothy, rich or meaty taste sensation), which counterbalances saltiness and allows for less salt to be used in a dish without compromising taste.
This diet says eat only when you are hungry, chew slowly and divide your daily portions along these lines: 10 per cent brothy soup; 30 percent veggies, 10 percent beans and sea vegetables, and 50 percent whole grains, plus a bit of seafood, fruit, and nuts.
Whether it's a chilled berry puree, a light brothy soup or a thick, creamy winter warmer, once you've tasted the rich and comforting results of your labors, there's no going back to soup in a can.
que "El Chivo" recorre empujando un carro de dos ruedas es una ciudad ajenizada por la presencia de lo extranjero: el gran cartel de Blockbuster, el apelativo brother, brothy que se repite en el habla cotidiana, probablemente una alusion a la llegada --o inminente llegada-- de Vicente Fox al poder.
Often de scribed as savory, rich, meaty, mouth-filling or brothy, it's the major reason people like the taste of vine-ripened tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, mushrooms, oysters, braised meats, Asian fish sauce, ketchup and MSG, among other umami-loaded foods and seasonings.
Spicy, brothy soups from Asia with seafood, kefir lime, and lemongrass can be as satisfying as any entree.
The other items, which can change from week to week, include chicken karaage (,Japanese fried chicken), misoyaki butterfish, potato croquette sandwiches, deep-fried beef and pork on skewers, soba, tempura and oden, a brothy stew of turnips, fishcake and boiled eggs.
Escabeche" is the Spanish word for pickling solution; here, it refers to a brothy vinaigrette with herbs and vegetables.
Step 2: Add brothy soups with noodles, avoiding those that are cream-based.
Breton chicken and vegetable is a light brothy soup, and Provencale vegetable is a rich, thick soup.