Brown, Jacob

Brown, Jacob (Jennings)

(1775–1828) soldier; born in Bucks County, Pa. Schoolteacher, surveyor, lawyer, and militia general, he commanded U.S. forces on the New York frontier in the War of 1812, defeating the British at Ogdensburg, Sackett's Harbor, Fort Erie, Chippewa, and Lundy's Lane. From 1821–28 he served as commander of the U.S. Army.
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Delph & Dobcross: Xander Selby (capt), Jack Hague, Isaac Jones, Nathan Walker (wkt), Calum Sykes-Quarmby, George Partington, Lucas Selby, Chas McAvoy, Freddie Mayall, Ben Thomas, Densil Brown, Jacob Douglas, Charlotte Campbell (scorer).
Projected depth chart 2016: WR - Stanford or Carrington, Alex Ofodile; WR - Allen, Jalen Brown, Jeff Bieber, Chayce Mayday; WR - Nelson, Kirk Merritt, Mitchell, Casey Eugenio; TE - Baylis, Mundt, Pharaoh Brown, Jacob Breeland
There was also success for Thomas Brown, Jacob Hackett, Precious McCook and Benjamin Steer from the creative arts campus in Hinckley, who picked up a bronze medal in the pop band category, with their group Home Crowd.
Sean Rowan helped himself to a hattrick, while there was a brace apiece for for Joe Forsythe and Joseph Bratherton, plus individual strikes for Charlie Teare, Nabeel Brown, Jacob Kang, Leo Reynolds and Jack Boden.
Honors went to: Andrea Aguilar, Aaliyah Brown, Jacob Cronin, Alexandria Delorey, Nolan Dunne, Ireland Dylewicz, Sabrina Eugene, Robert Gemma, Chanelle Labossiere, Eden LaPerle, Ian Lemus, Matthew Lowe, Stephanie Maurice, Meghan McAndrews, Luisahinder Montero, Nolan Neil, Jacob Nelson, Dalton Nolan, Bryce Parmeter, Destiny Preeper, Ediberto Rojas, Matthew Trongone, Lloyd Williams and Elizabeth Winsor.
There were also some good performances from Adam Brown, Jacob Watts, Daniel Burns and Connor Ali.
By Katy Brown, Jacob Ord, Jack Gardner, Luke Murphy and Caitlin Stafford- Brown
Good work from Brown, Jacob Fairbank and Scott Grix almost brought further reward.
But worthy of mention were Holmes, Garbutt and Bulmer, as well as Tom Williams, Harrison Brown, Jacob Rigden, Curtis Holmes and Reece Bulmer.
jpg; MARSHALLS BARKHILL, back row, left to right: Phil Holmes, Will Brown, Jacob Lentas, Joe Goldsmith, Dominic Sweeney, Aaron Tootle, RyanSkeete.
Antonia Renee Baron, Jacqueline Olivia Barr, Colton Edward Bauer, Christopher Faiz Baza, Leah Nicole Beaudoin, James Albert Beaulieu, Patrick James Bedard, Patrick Steven Belamarich, Michelle Sousa Belo, Mark Melo Bento, Tyler John Bingham, Alexandra Lyn Bird, Michael Anthony Bodio, Luke Edwood Bodwell, Carlo Thomas Bon Tempo, Michael George Bradley, Jeffrey Thomas Brown, Jacob Michael Brucato, Jacqueline Arlene Bullock, Stephanie Michelle Burke, Kevin Michael Burley.
McKenzie Ballenger, Cole Bandy, Katherina Banta, Zachary Barbee, Danyel Bare, Aliya Barrera, Jacob Barrier, Breanna Bartlett, Beaureguard Baumann, Maria Bazan, Izeak Beagley, Claire Beeler, Shannon Bell, Jazmin Benitez-Gallo, Troy Bixler, Michael Blankenship, Ryan Boatman, Tanner Boone, Colton Bouillez-Reaves, McKenzie Boyd, Shawn Bradley, Lindsey Branham, Marissa Braun, Rachel Bray, Chase Briggs, Mathew Britfus, Kody Brown, Jacob Buck, Daniel Burdick Jr.