Brown Swiss cattle

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Brown Swiss cattle,

one of the oldest breeds of cattle, originating in Switzerland where the cows were used as triple-purpose animals (dairy, beef, and draft). They are large, fleshy, and slow-maturing, with body color ranging from gray or light brown to dark brown. Introduced in the United States in 1869, they were once important as a dairy breed.
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Brown Swiss cattle tend to be easy-going and easy to handle, and produce milk with high butterfat content.
Recent special sales have included 72 pedigree Holstein youngstock from the Asterways herd of Messrs Francis at Pembroke, the dispersal of 220 head of Holstein Friesians for Messrs Evans of Fishguard, 105 Goldfoot Holsteins for Teify Evans of Newcastle Emlyn and 60 prize-winning Brown Swiss cattle for Clive Davies of Narberth.
The numbers in the dairy section have been boosted this year by the entry of 17 Brown Swiss cattle which will be appearing at the Royal Welsh for the first time.