Web application

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Web application

An application in which all or some parts of the software are downloaded from the Web every time it runs. Following are explanations of each type.

Browser Based
In a browser-based Web application, the user simply goes to a website, and JavaScript instructions are contained within the Web pages that are retrieved. Combined with the HTML and CSS style sheet, which provide the visual layout, the browser executes the code and renders the page. In addition, processing at the server side is typically performed to access databases and other support functions. The data for a Web application may be stored locally or on the Web, or in both locations.

Client Based
Web applications may also run without the browser. A client program, which is either installed in the user's computer or mobile device or is downloaded each session, interacts with a server on the Web using standard Web protocols. This is similar to the "client/server" architecture that prevailed in companies before the Internet exploded, except that today the server is on the Internet rather than the local network. Just like browser-based applications, the data may be stored remotely or locally. See rich client, cloud computing, ASP and SaaS.

Native Mobile Apps
Countless native iOS and Android apps use the Web for additional information, such as a weather app that downloads the latest climate data or a stock app that gets the latest market quotes. Using the Web's HTTP protocol, myriad mobile apps retrieve data in the background that users may or may not be unaware of. See native mobile app and native application.
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EMC Captiva Cloud Toolkit is a software development kit (SDK) that enables browser-based applications to directly access Fujitsu fi-series document scanners without needing downloads or limiting the user to a single browser, Browser-based applications developed with the EMC Captiva Cloud toolkit can now seamlessly drive scanning functionality directly with the fi-series scanners.
Spotify is planning to introduce its first browser-based application on Thursday, according to (http://www.
London, Sept 11 ( ANI ): Music streaming service Spotify is planning to unveil a browser-based version as part of a redesign exercise.
The advent of browser-based, or web-based, technology is enabling businesses across industries and around the world to connect their people and data on unprecedented levels.
0, an easy-to-use, robust and affordable browser-based, enterprise-functional, load-testing and monitoring solution for dynamic Web sites, applications and services.
Browser-based technology does not have to run over the Internet; it can run over a company's own network or intranet.
The browser-based SAN IMSO web eliminates the need to install software on the client personal computer and no distribution updates of software are needed; all is done on the web server.
WebBox includes as a pre-configured Web (HTTP) server that supports multiple physical and virtual sites, a pre-configured e-mail system with SMTP and POP3 compatibility and browser-based interface, and an automated backup and restore system that supports disk and tape drives.
Since the system is browser-based and Web enabled, it minimizes the amount of investments we have to make on a work station to get the latest technology and data in front of our underwriters," said Gregory J.
Sphericall Web Services platform and next generation video and browser-based IP Telephones unifies Enterprise and Internet Communications
In fact, new browser-based technology like iVOS[TM] from Valley Oak Systems has provided a powerful new weapon to dramatically increase productivity, improve claims outcomes, and share vital information among members of the claims process Browser-based technology does not have to run over the Internet; it can run over a company's own network or intranet.
The signature cards and related data were extracted from the former ECM solution and imported into OnBase so that users of browser-based SENTRY: Signature system could retrieve the entire signature card image from the OnBase system.