Web application

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Web application

An application in which all or some parts of the software are downloaded from the Web each time it is run. It may refer to browser-based apps that run within the user's Web browser, or to "rich client" desktop apps that do not use a browser or to mobile apps that access the Web for additional information.

Browser Based
In a browser-based Web application, JavaScript instructions are contained within the Web page that is retrieved from a website. Combined with the HTML code that determines the visual layout and the CSS style sheet, the HTML, JavaScript and CSS are executed via the browser. In addition, processing at the server side is often widely performed to access databases and other networks. The data for a Web application may be stored locally or on the Web, or in both locations.

Client Based
Web applications may also run without the browser. A client program, which is either installed in the user's computer or mobile device or is downloaded each session, interacts with a server on the Web using standard Web protocols. This is similar to the "client/server" architecture that prevailed in companies before the Internet exploded, except that today the server is often on the Internet rather than the local network. Just like browser-based applications, the data may be stored remotely or locally. See rich client, cloud computing, ASP and SaaS.

Mobile Web App
Countless mobile apps use the Web for additional information. For example, the iOS and Android versions of this encyclopedia install all the text locally in the device but retrieve all the images from a server via Web (HTTP) protocols. See native mobile app and native application.
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In addition, he has worked on the development of browser-based medical software prototypes for the pocket PC, prescription writing software and browser-based software for clinical research.
PC/E Mobile Banking, a new browser-based software, would allow banks to provide information such as account information and funds transfers or sales of securities through the mobile phone.
This browser-based software will improve your bet placement capability.
This will include ibml, cloud and browser-based software capture and a number of recent innovations such as the new i4000 Series Scanners, designed to process documents faster than ever before.
The expectation is that workflow and data management related to these internal operations and external citizen inputs will be integrated through the solution, which must comply with these basic requirements: Browser-based Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription or hosted environment Internet tools for Citizen record access and submission Built-in GIS Integration using ArcGIS Server technology Enterprise integration achieved through built-in configuration tools and web services etc.
TCO is reduced as the browser-based software enables central changes which can be deployed across the organization with minimum installation.
Designed for low cost and ease-of-use, Clear Ballot's browser-based software, used with commercially available scanning hardware, scales to election jurisdictions of all sizes, responding directly to the budgetary realities of America's counties and municipalities.
Designed to help districts ensure that students get the learning resources they need, this browser-based software helps teachers search for, reserve and track different types of instructional media, including software, videos, activity kits, manipulatives and more.
The Cyber Audit-Web is a browser-based software program that uses cellular communication to remotely program electronic keys in the field.
The creative is managed by a browser-based software that allows for content editing and broadcast scheduling.
0 of these products adds a number of new features, including Wi ndows 2000 support; multimedia queuing for phone calls, e-mails, faxes, voice mails, text chats, Web callback requests and user-defined interaction types; a supervisory alert feature that allows contact center agents to click a single button to notify supervisors when they encounter a problem situation; one-number "follow me" capabilities; a new browser-based software phone; a Palm 7-based software phone; and multisite capabilities that allow employees at one site to see the real-time status.
As an alliance member, ChipData worked with TIBCO to create a solution that connects its ForceField server, and patent-pending Design Chain Management browser-based software and services, to TIBCO's B2B integration solutions that enable real-time supply chains.