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Turkey: see BursaBursa
, city (1990 pop. 838,323), capital of Bursa prov., NW Turkey. The market center of a rich agricultural region, on the ancient Silk Road S of Constantinople, Bursa was long noted for its silks, but is now a producer of automobiles, other textiles and apparel, and metals.
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The BRUSA 111hp electric motor produces torque of 220Nm and can accelerate from 0-31mph in four seconds, and to 62mph in less than 11 seconds.
BRUSA, An Investigation of Computer Satisfaction in Mexico, Journal of Global information Technology Management.
There he describes the river Sindhu (Indus) as arising from the Kailasa, flowing through Maryul (clearly Ladakh and Baltistan), then through Brusa on the north of Kashmir (which he describes as bordering on Zajsdkar and Purig) and Staggzig (here apparently referring to Chilas), before reaching Orgyan (which should here be the Buner valley; cf.
Ma intanto, la memoria di Pigafetta si conforta vivamente e secondo un gusto piu contemplativo e meno disposto a notazioni problematiche, lasciando generoso alimento all'immaginazione del lettore, provocata da certi momenti della ritualith pagana a Giava; a partire, da esempi, rari, di rituale funerario, registrati con attento rispetto:</p> <pre> Anco ne dissero che quando uno omo de li principali de Iava more, se brusa lo suo corpo.
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Rather than showcasing just the features, we wanted to showcase the benefit-which translated into not having to wait because the customers could get the information they needed immediately, with the dick of a mouse," says Angela Brusa, vice president and director of marketing.
Podian verse asimismo en la sala, los trazados, las nivelaciones y los perfiles, para la linea ferrea de Brusa a Beirut por Angora y Alepo; una serie de gran des hojas que ella iba enrollando: transcurririan sin duda anos antes de que los desfiladeros del Taurus fuesen atravesados a todo vapor; la vida fluia ya por todos lados, el suelo de la antigua cuna acababa de sembrarse con una nueva cosecha de hombres, el progreso del manana creceria alli, con un vigor de vegetacion extraordinario, en ese maravilloso clima, bajo los grandes soles.
15) The basis of this cooperation dates back to the World War II-era BRUSA COMINT alliance.
Margherita Brusa was a visiting scholar at the Center for Clinical Bioethics at Georgetown University Medical Center, where she did research on bioethical issues in pediatrics and organ transplantation in the United States.
Moreover, approximately 50% of the European human population does not emit significant amounts of methane (Miller and Wolin 1982; Brusa et al.
Three plants in Brusa produce frozen fruits and vegetables, ranging from corn, green beans and strawberries to leeks, artichoke bottoms and mandarins.