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That was the last Buck saw of the man in the red sweater, and as he looked at receding Seattle from the deck of a ship, it was the last he saw of warm land.
Well, after almost four hours of grunt labor, 200 feet of nylon rope, and the use of a 4-wheeler, my buck saw the light of day.
It was early November, and if a rutting buck saw those decoys the show would be on.
As soon as the buck saw the decoy, he was on his feet and heading toward us at a fast walk.
And, indeed, although I was 21 feet above the ground, somehow the buck saw me and the staredown began.
That was when the whopper buck saw the 8-pointer enter the clearing.
If a buck saw those scrapes he went straight to them almost every time.
Then, as I was trying to decide whether to shoot at a narrow-racked 4-point at about 40 yards, a little buck saw me moving and started a stampede -- which left me standing in a cloud of dust once again.
A medium-sized buck saw me during my predawn walk to the stand and ran into a thicket.
The buck saw the decoy, circled in front, smelled the buck scent on the decoy, stomped his foot, bristled his hair, and stood broadside to Dwight, who was in a treestand.