(Alarm Clock), satirical journal with caricatures, published from 1865 to 1871 in St. Petersburg and from 1873 to 1917 in Moscow; it was published weekly after mid-1866. The artist N. A. Stepanov was editor of Budil’nik until 1877. In the 1860’s the democratic poet-satirists were published in Budil’nik. From 1881 to 1887, A. P. Chekhov worked for it (under the pseudonym A. Chekhonté and other pseudonyms).

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Budilnik, true to its presumed masculine readership, showed a misogynist streak, often portraying women as scheming troublemakers, but also crediting them with being active and forceful.
Moor, who was born Dmitri Stakhievich Orlov in Novocherkassk near Rostov in southern Russia, had contributed to Krokodil, Budilnik (Alarm Clock) and Red Army Soldier (from 1922) as well as Izvestia (from 1919) and Pravda (from 1920).
Viktor Nikolaevich Denisov, who signed his work 'Deni', was born in Moscow and had his first drawings published in Budilnik at the age of 17.