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see České Budĕjovice Czech Republic.
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Above, The Avalon Tapestry boat; below, Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic, Budweis, Czech Republic at night; and Nuremberg, Germany
While images on their television screens will be filled with sponsors that call the game 'soccer,' Czechs will cheer their national 'football' team while drinking their special beer from Budweis city.
The brewing town is called Ceske Budejovice, also known by its German name Budweis.
The state-owned brewery has the rights to the world-famous Budweiser brand in many countries since the beer is produced in a location known as Budweis.
The whole issue arose because the Czech city of Ceske Budejovice, where Budvar is located, is known as Budweis in German and claims to be the original place of brewing for Budweiser.
For Anheuser-Busch the Bud abbreviation is their flagship brand, whereas Budweiser beer has been brewed in the Czech town of Budweis since the 13th century.
Lord Justice Peter Gibson said it derived from the Bohemian town of Budweis, now known as Cesky Budjovice.
It involved construction of an eighty mile wood and iron railroad across the Bohemian-Moravian highlands from Budweis in Bohemia to Mauthausen, near Linz, in Austria.
7, 1895, Budejovicky Budvar began operating in the southern Czech town of Ceske Budejovice--called Budweis by the German-speaking people who formed about 40 percent of the area's population at the time.
The original imported beer from the City of Budweis drew such acclaim during this time that other U.
Budvar originates from Budejovice, translated as Budweis, which it claims should give it the rights to the Budweiser name, if Budvar were to get the protection, it could in theory regain the rights to the Budweiser name in the EU, overriding existing trademark rights that A-B has won.
Mr Bocek counters that the name Budweiser refers to a specific location - the town of Budweis, which is the German name for Ceske Budejovice.