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lt;p>Chrome's bug database first noted the vulnerability March 19, the same day Nils hacked IE8, Firefox and Safari.
A minimal useful bug database must include the following data--complete steps to reproduce the bug, expected behavior, observed (buggy) behavior, who it's assigned to, and whether it has been fixed or not.
The Flex 3 public beta also marks the first significant deliverable for the open source Flex project, beginning with the availability of nightly builds and a public bug database.
The Flex 3 public beta kicks off the project by providing a full roadmap for Flex 3, including detailed feature specifications, nightly builds, and a public bug database where developers can log and track issues and feature requests.
You really see the value at the end of a large project: We'll have maybe 50-100 bugs in our bug database now, compared to 2,500 bugs that usually had to be cleaned up when programmers were allowed to move on without fixing everything.
Starting this summer with the pre-release versions of the next release of the Flex product line, code named "Moxie," Adobe will post daily software builds of the Flex SDK on a public download site with a public bug database.
jProg reports that TestTrack Pro has given them improved routing and easier access to the bug database than their former bulletin board-based system.
But Bug Appliance(TM) goes a step further, allowing a number of easy to configure customizations such as a convenient Web interface, the ability to automatically read standard error log file formats and generate bug entries for exceptions, an update facility for software updates and security patches, a backup facility, and even the ability for Web Services-based interfaces to directly access the bug database.
This combination transforms the Snap Server with the Insignia Jeode EVM into a specialized application server allowing developers to create and deploy affordable robust applications such as contact management, bug database, product inventory management and sales support.
Network Multimedia clients and customers will have access to the AppWare bug database, in addition to unlimited free support, and communication with developers.