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The main repositories of interest for such works are commonly the source code version repository (or version archive for short, for example, using CVS, Subversion, or Git) and the defect and defect correction history description database (or bugtracker for short, e.
An improved and extended approach thus attempts to connect a bugfix commit to a matching entry or entries in the bugtracker that describe the bug being fixed [4] and whose number is mentioned in the commit message.
We call such a pair of bugfix commit and bugtracker entry a bugfix link.
For the present study, we define a bugfix to be the content of any commit to the version archive whose purpose is primarily to address the issue described in a specific entry in the bugtracker, no matter whether that describes a defect or some other type of change request.
2) We do indeed find a characteristic in our data that has not previously been used: explicit reverse links contained in a bugtracker entry that point to a commit.
iii) The commit message of a bugfix commit typically mentions the number of the corresponding bugtracker entry.
iv) When closing a bugtracker entry, a comment will often be added that mentions the version number of the corresponding bugfix commit.
Since we are interested in bugfixes and those are defined to relate to bugtracker entries, we use only those commits leading towards the product releases made since the introduction of Bugzilla.
i) BM: searching for IDs of bugtracker entries mentioned in commit messages, and
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