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a city in the Tatar ASSR, located at the confluence of the Bugul’minka and Zai rivers (Volga basin), with a railroad station on the Ul’ianovsk-Ufa line. Population, 76,000 (1969; 25,000 in 1939).

Bugul’ma is an important center of the petroleum-extraction industry of Tataria. There is a mechanized plant, the Nefteavtomatika Petroleum Automation Plant, a sanitary-engineering equipment plant, a prefabricated concrete plant, an electronic-equipment repair plant, a brickyard, and a furniture factory. The food-processing industry is also developed, with meat, dairy, and flour-milling combines, a brewery, and a distillery. Bugul’ma has a scientific research institute for petroleum, the Polytechnic Faculty of the Kazan Institute of Construction Engineering, a technicum for training industrial teachers, and a medical school. There is a museum of local lore and a museum dedicated to Jaroslav Hasek. Bugul’ma was founded in 1736 and became a town in 1781.

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For a while he served as one of the town commandants of the small Siberian city of Bugulma.
The head of the Bugulma municipal district, Mayor of Bugulma, Linar Zakirov: "We took into account the numerous requests of agricultural producers and the population, and appealed to the leadership of the Republic about the location of the Agroprompark in the district.
In the new season, 20 units of special equipment for Bugulma district was provided by a new contract organization LLC BulgarStroyKomplekt.
The chain drives of the TATNEFT Companys Bugulma Mechanical Plant were awarded the IIIrd degree diploma in the nomination "Energy-saving Technologies and Equipment" at the International Specialized Exhibition "Oil, Gas.
The Bugulma Mechanical Plant of TATNEFT Company took the third place among the best manufacture of capacitive equipment in Russia.
According to him, Tetyush, Buin, Aktanysh, Bugulma, Kukmorskoe and Alekseevskiy Raypo work effectively on this issue.
Electronic auction: rendering services for processing, receiving, transmitting the customer~s telegrams from the kazan, bugulma, naberezhnye chelny ats centers of the tataeronavigatsiya branch of fsue state corporation for atm through the telegraph channel
The participants of the meeting approved the participation of TATNEFT in the development of special economic zones in the Nizhnekamsk and Almetyevsky districts, establishment of industrial parks in the Almetyevsk, Leninogorsk and Bugulma districts through the industrialization of existing areas, and recommended that the Executive Management of the Company should continue with establishing an industrial cluster for diversification and increasing the competitiveness of the products.
In the Bugulma municipal district of the Republic of Tatarstan continues to feed the workpiece.
Request for proposal: Provision of services for the processing, reception, transmission of telegrams "Customer", coming from Kazan, Bugulma, Naberezhnye Chelny branch of the ATS "Tataeronavigatsiya" centers FSUE "State ATM Corporation" of telegraph communication channel
Guzel Muzafarova, certification and standardization engineer of the TATNEFT Companys Bugulma Mechanical Plant was recognized as the "Best standardizer in the Republic of Tatarstan".
Bugulma Mechanical Plant was admitted into the Association of chemical and petroleum machinery manufacturing enterprises.