Building information modeling

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Building information modeling

The physical and functional characteristics are set forth in a relational database format rather than in traditional drawings. BIM data reside inside the objects of building components and products, which are assembled and configured to produce a virtual model of the building. These objects contain highly accurate geometric data such as spatial coordination and a clash detection system, where interferences are identified virtually and corrected before causing expensive field changes. A BIM object also contains a variety of relevant nongraphical data, such as material strength, insulation value, finish, surface reflectivity, light transmission, or fire rating. They also carry links to other associated documentation such as technical data, warranty, and maintenance information.

generic objects

Carries geometric and nongraphical data representing the functional need but does not carry specific information that a manufacturer’s product model does.


Contain different types of BIM content, related to the characteristics and installed use of the products and materials they represent.

parametric objects

BIM data available from building products manufacturers in a variety of configurations, heights, widths, thicknesses, materials finishes, hardware options, fire ratings, and energy and sound transmission.

proprietary objects

Represents a specific manufacturers’ product with its particular specifications and functional characteristics.
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The report segments the building information modeling market based on type (software and services), end user (construction managers/general contractors, architects, owners, engineers and others) and vertical (commercial, residential, educational, healthcare, industrial, entertainment, sports and others) and geography (North America, APAC, Europe, Rest of the world).
Vianova Systems has a vision of full digitization and collaboration using holistic Building Information Modeling across the design, construction and maintenance phase of public and private infrastructure," said Idar Kirkhorn, CEO for Vianova Systems.
We feel that there is a major shift toward Building Information Modeling in the industry.
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12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Building information modeling is a process that involves the maintenance of digital data for communicating project decisions related to different issues such as designing, visualization, collaboration, and simulation of different applications.
The overall value chain of the building information modeling market is closely interlinked with the traditional construction processes' value chain and has been expanding rapidly and shaping into a strong, well-connected chain over the past few years.
On the other hand, the Building Information Modeling task order will see QinetiQ rendering development and support services for the service s building information modeling system, which will serve as the central hub of information for all GSA users.
The National Concrete Masonry Association Foundation has approved a $200,000 grant to continue the Building Information Modeling for Masonry Project in 2014, as researchers eye development of a unit model definition comparable to other material interests' structural databases.
com)-- BIMhub, a comprehensive provider of Building Information Modeling (BIM) services, has announced that they are organizing a BIM Knowledge Tour from February 26 to February 28, 2013.
Building information modeling (BIM) deployment in the Middle East "is far behind" the rest of the world, said Sharif.
Autodesk, a leader in 3D software, has updated its 2012 portfolio which supports the building information modeling (BIM) process by offering comprehensive software solutions to help infrastructure industries meet today's business challenges.

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