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Turkic-speaking tribes making up the basic population of Bulgaria on the Volga.

The Bulgars came to the central Volga Region from the Azov region in the second half of the seventh century, after the fall of Great Bulgaria (a state which arose in the seventh century between the Don and Kuban rivers). This has been corroborated by archaeological data. The Bulgars cooperated with local tribes that belonged to the Finno-Ugric language group. With the coming of the Bulgars, who built a strong military organization and achieved political hegemony in the Volga-Kama region, Turkic languages began to spread throughout the central Volga Region. The Bulgars played a major role in the consolidation of local tribes in the creation of their feudal state. The origins of some peoples of the Volga and Kama regions can be traced to the Bulgars (Chuvashes, Kazan Tartars, and others).


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Even apart from this theory, the Bulgars are believed to have come in extensive contact with Persians in Central Asia around the 3-4th centuries AD.
6 linii patron Krnka 1866g *--the Bulgars also re ceived quantities of the obsolete Pushka Krnka obrrazetz 1869.
And Stark praised the display of Dundee United kid Scott Allan, who was unlucky not to create a winning goal against the Bulgars in the first match of a campaign where they'll also face Holland, Austria and Luxembourg.
One point not hitherto noticed by literary scholars, but which also serves to identify Frederick the Great as the King of the Bulgars, is Voltaire's consistent use of the plural "Bulgares" in relation to the King.
Atrocities committed by the Turks against Armenians, Bulgars and other subject peoples filled the palaces of Westminster and Buckingham with righteous indignation.
Brother Forsyth reports that the government is so spooked by the appalling thought that plucky Romanians and enterprising Bulgars might think the United Kingdom a land of opportunity that they are considering a new advertising campaign targeting the EU's newest members: Britain is crap.
This impressive history details for the first time in English the political activities of the Bulgars and their relationship with the Byzantines in the Middle Ages.
In its time it has been controlled by, among others, the Greeks, Persians, Goths, Huns, Bulgars, Khazars, Venetians, Genoese, Russians, Ukrainians and most recently by the Germans during the Second World War.
The Bulgars threatened to equalise but Andres Iniesta's strike after 65 minutes ended their hopes of salvaging something from the match.
It's a fascinating country -the oldest surviving state in Europe,no less, founded by the Bulgars in the 7th century,occupying a strategic spot on the Black Sea coast.
The Bulgars, bossed by Stoicho Mladenov, have a solid base of players from the local Levski club and the rest from all over Europe.
Three times during the Seventies Clemence shut out the Bulgars and Seaman managed the same in a friendly in 1996 and again last October in the damaging 0-0 Euro 2000 draw at Wembley under Glenn Hoddle.

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